How Azuba Helps Patients

Problems   Solutions
Visiting Your New Doctor   Azuba Helps Prevent Emergencies
  • You are visiting a new doctor.  At check-in, you are asked to complete a 5+ page medical history.  During your visit, the doctor writes you a new prescription.
  • You take your first pill that evening. During the night, you wake up with convulsions and your husband calls 911.
  • At the hospital, you are treated for a severe drug-to-drug interaction with your new prescription because you forgot to list one of the medications you are taking on your medical history.

What if you could have transmitted all of your Electronic Medical Records to your new doctor at check-in via your Azuba Mobile app

Azuba Mobile is a mobile health app that provides patients with mobile access to their electronic health records across healthcare providers (physicians and hospitals), health payers (insurers), and HIEs (Health Information Exchanges) while allowing the patient to securely share that information with other providers and the patient’s family.

Managing Your Child's Chronic Condition
  Azuba Helps Identify Best Treatment Plans
  • Your child has been diagnosed with a chronic health condition, cystic fibrosis, and is put on a long-term treatment plan.
  • After one year, your child doesn’t seem to be improving so you want to learn more about the disease to better help your child. You initiate Google searches and read all the articles you can find.
  • You learn there are four popular treatment plans, but you have no way to know whether your child is on the right treatment plan.

What if you were able to compare your daughter’s Electronic Medical Records with national clinical research data and provided probable outcomes for each treatment option?

Azuba is a health platform to help patients evaluate and analyze their own health conditions and care options, allow their providers to better manage their care through telemedicine and automated compliance, and enable providers to remotely gather real-time data on their patients condition.

Having Your Annual Checkup   Azuba Helps Implement Treatment Plans
  • During your annual checkup, your doctor reports your cholesterol levels are too high. He writes you a new prescription to take before you go to bed each evening and recommends a number of behavioral changes.
  • You have the prescription filled and you begin taking the pills as instructed.  A few days later you take a business trip and realize you don’t have your pills with you, but plan to start taking them again when you return home.
  • After returning home, you forget to start taking the pill again as planned.
Forgetful Man

What if you received a secure Azuba reminder each evening on your smartphone from your doctor to take your pill, and if you didn’t respond that you had taken the pill then the doctors nurse would call you the next day to see why not?

Azuba provides secure 2-way mobile communications that enables automated health communications/alerts between patients and providers.