ONC’s Federal Mandates:  What are You Doing to Comply?

The 2021 deadlines are quickly approaching to comply with the ONC’s mandates for:

  • Information Blocking (April 5, 2021);
  • Patient Access API (July 1, 2021); and
  • Provider Directory API (July 1, 2021).

Azuba provides support for these mandates and much more.  Not only can Azuba help ensure your organization’s compliance, we can also take the heavy lifting off your hands in the process

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Insurance Word on Wall


As a payer, you have limited financial data about your members but also need clinical data to improve patient health and reduce waste caused by unnecessary tests, readmissions, and fraud.

Patient and Medical Staff


As a doctor, you’re trying to make an accurate diagnosis and treatment recommendation for your patient but don’t have access to the complete health records for your patient, including their health records from other providers, generational family health history, and genomic test results.

Child with A Caregiver

Patients & Caregivers

As a caregiver for your mother, who has multiple health issues, you are managing and taking her to multiple doctor appointments, trying to help her to take her medications on time, assisting her with paperwork, and are having trouble keeping track of her health records to help her get the best care. Or, your child has been diagnosed with a chronic condition, she isn’t getting any better, and you have researched alternative treatment plans and are trying to find the best care option.


Health Providers typically have access to approximately 17% of a Member’s clinical data when making diagnostic and treatment decisions, and Payers typically have less than 1% of a Member’s clinical data when making approval/denial decisions resulting in:

  • Higher diagnostic and treatment error rates;
  • Redundant medical tests and inappropriate medical treatments;
  • Unnecessary emergency room trips and doctor office visits;
  • More deaths due to errors (e.g. 3rd leading cause of death in the USA); and
  • Much higher healthcare costs.

Industry research estimates that Payers could save countless lives, time, and over $1 trillion per year on these unnecessary expenses if they had better, near real-time access to the longitudinal clinical health records of their Members (e.g. Patients).

Azuba Cycle and Process




Insurance Word on Wall


“With Azuba, we have improved patient health and reduced costs by lessening waste from medical errors and duplicate tests and procedures. Thanks, Azuba!”

Providers Smartphone App


“With Azuba, I can quickly and easily access my patient’s and their family’s complete health history at the point of care. I also have the capability to securely communicate with my patients.”

Woman Navigating a Tablet

Patients & Caregivers

“I finally feel like I can manage my health information with Azuba! And, I can share my health information with my doctors, family members and caregivers at the touch of my fingers - all in a one-stop solution.”




Insurance Word on Wall

The Azuba Lifetime Clinical Records Platform is live today and includes:

  • National Network with access to the clinical records from over 600,000+ doctors, 50,000+ clinics, and 4,200+ hospitals;
  • Data Normalization Engine that aggregates, standardizes, and deduplicates clinical data into a Member’s Lifetime Clinical Records;
  • Payer Portal for direct access to retrieve, transmit, view, analyze, and act on the Member’s Lifetime Clinical Records;
  • Smartphone Access for both Payer staff and Members; and
  • Support Portal for 24x7x365 management of the Azuba Network.




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