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Azuba has developed a secure mobile health information network that enables patients and caregivers to aggregate their electronic health records in the cloud from all of their physicians and hospitals. Patients can also have Azuba keep each of their physicians’ computer systems automatically up to date with data collected from all of their other doctors.

The primary benefit of providing access to a patient’s aggregated medical data from within the doctor’s existing computer system is that it can help the doctor improve their diagnostic and treatment accuracy rates. Access to patient aggregated medical data can also help doctors reduce the number of medical errors resulting in death due to incomplete medical data at the time of diagnosis and treatment.

Our History

Azuba is the result of a journey that Bart Carlson began as CEO of Napersoft to determine whether or not there was a business opportunity for Napersoft in the Federal government. This initiative resulted in a small proof-of-concept (POC) challenge from one of the large CMS primary contractors. Specifically, Bart’s challenge was to prove that Napersoft software could be used to make downloadable “Blue Button” electronic health record claims data more readable for the average consumer.

Bart accepted the challenge and returned to Napersoft headquarters in Illinois. One week later, the Napersoft team had successfully built and demonstrated the POC. They had transformed the downloaded text data from the Medicare website using Napersoft tools into a point-and click-demo, proving that Medicare patients could download, view, and transmit a PDF document of their electronic health records via email and/or fax to a physician, friend, or family member. After demonstrating this capability to several individuals in Washington, D.C., Bart was encouraged by HHS's then-CTO to enter a government innovation contest called the Health Datapalooza. Bart entered the contest, which resulted in Napersoft being selected to present the POC concept at the Datapalooza.

Bart spent the next few months speaking with government officials describing his mobile healthcare vision for empowering patients until one government official stated that if the government were to lead this project, it would take too long to (1) acquire the solution; (2) implement the solution, and (3) keep the solution current with the rapid changes occurring in mobile technology.

The government official also suggested that, given Bart’s entrepreneurial background, he should start a company to provide the solution for the benefit of all patients in the USA. He also encouraged Bart to participate in the ONC’s S&I Framework for Blue Button Plus. Blue Button Plus's primary goal was to establish interoperability standards for electronic health records in the USA.

Bart immediately became involved in Blue Button Plus by actively participating in multiple workgroups. He also began creating Azuba to carry out his vision for empowering patients with mobile access to their electronic health records - anytime, anywhere.

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